Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Quintet Partners?


Quintet Partners is the only and singular organization in the United States that does what it does. 


It is a private partnership founded by former domestic investment bankers and European equity and trading professionals that has been serving clients since 2002, the same year it received a formal endorsement from GE Capital. The two managing partners are Gene Cordiano and Marc-André Buenger.   

Over their careers, Gene and  Marc-André worked in the investment banking  field for the Americans, the Germans, the French, the British and the Swiss. The managing partners have global investment banking experience at the most senior levels, with the most elite institutions (UBS , Merrill Lynch, BNY Mellon, Groupe BPCE- Natixis, ICAP , Portigon AG, etc ). 


The managing partners have a combined 55 years of experience in global investment banking, cost efficiency, and turn-around expertise. The partnership has 21 professionals operating in management capacities nationally. 

What does Quintet Partners do specifically, and why are the services so unique and singular ?


Quintet Partners is the only organization in the United States that executes double-digit savings for clients through a no fee, no risk, no obligation model. 

Quintet Partners specializes in enhancing and expanding cash  flow and elevating credit standing for companies of all sizes and composition. 

Quintet Partners has clients that are actual single employee operations and clients whose revenues are in the billions with thousands of employees. 

The partnership executes expense reductions and cost saving through a no cost, no fee, no risk, no obligation platform. Quintet Partners is not hired or retained, and there is no compensation changing hands. Quintet Partners is focused on 7 specific expense lines and verticals , in addition to Financial Services. 

What are the 7 verticals of expertise for expense and cost reduction ?


The 7 verticals are : *Telecom & Technology, *Energy, *Insurance, *Credit Card Processing, *Logistics, *Payroll / HR / PEO Services, *Tax Credits. Additionally, Quintet Partners operates a Financial Services division which synergistically compliments the 7 verticals.

All services are provided efficiently under one roof and at no risk and no cost to the client.

The work is seamless, off-site, non-obtrusive, and the typical turn-around on the double-digit savings analysis is quite quick, usually within 24-72 hours, and the client has zero resource expenditure in terms of time, effort and personnel. 

With no risk, no fee and no obligation for the client, how does Quintet Partners get compensated ?


Quintet Partners (QP) dramatically differentiates itself from similar advisory entities, through its compensation  structure. There are numerous organizations that pilfer a percentage of their clients’ cost savings and expense reductions as compensation. QP does not do that. 

The client never pays QP and the clients' savings are never compromised.

QP is peerless, in that compensation is received through a vendor compensation structure. The compensation comes through the vendor side, thus bypassing the client. 

However, although QP's income is derived from the vendor, QP is non-exclusive in the use of vendors. QP is completely agnostic, impartial and objective and does not advocate certain vendors over others. 


QP is aligned with many small and medium sized vendors which are less recognizable nationally. However, QP is  also aligned with vendors that are household names such as #1 in the industry ADP in the payroll vertical and #1 in the industry First Data in the Merchant Card vertical and global icons like Berkshire Hathaway, Allianz and every other A1 rated carrier in the  Insurance vertical or T-Mobile and Verizon and other global players in the Tech/Telecom vertical, and so forth. 


The goal is always the same: drive aggressive double-digit savings for the client while simultaneously improving service. When QP's analysis is completed, QP presents it's evaluation, quantifies the findings and then, when accepted by the client, executes the expense reduction. 

In the  final analysis, it is always the client who chooses the vendor and the level of expense reduction suitable to their particular dynamic and needs. QP simply does all of the heavy lifting and at no cost or risk to the client.