International Advisory

​Service Mission

Quintet Partners' mission is to provide cost solutions, financial advisory services and marketing expertise to established, emerging and aspiring international entities striving to market their products and establish or deepen a foothold in the U.S. consumer landscape. Through a generally no-fee / non-retainer (mostly vendor compensation) structure, Quintet Partners offers a full range of savings on business services including internet , mobile , landline, all commercial insurance, logistics, tax credits, credit card platform and various other key expense lines.  

Product Mission

Quintet Partners' mission is to offer the finest quality internationally produced products to clients in the U.S. from various high-end international suppliers. Quintet Partners represents these suppliers through a tailored branding and marketing strategy under the Quintet Partners umbrella.

Economic Mission

Quintet Partners facilitates the operation and growth, at a profitable rate, of internationally based businesses. Paramount is the development of established, emerging and aspiring brands through sound and consensual economic decisions with a constant goal of maintaining high end brand recognition while garnering market share. To help achieve these goals we provide extensive financial services through key relationships with national, regional and local financial service organizations. Our function is to assist in developing a meaningful financial package and to initiate, help negotiate and close transactions that maximize the advantages to our client.

​Personnel Mission

Quintet Partners operates in a team based culture focused on extending brand penetration and cost efficiency through the synergistic efforts of all partners. Quintet Partners is comprised of 4 partners with a combined 100+ years of experience working with international entities in the Legal, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Accounting, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Cost Efficiency, Product Distribution and Product Development fields.